Learn From Others About What to Expect With Skin Cancer Treatment

Going through treatment for skin cancer can bring on a lot of thoughts and emotions. Hearing from others who have had treatment can help you learn what to expect before, during, and after treatment.

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The surgery was uncomfortable. They did have to give me a couple shots because the cancer was so deep. They showed me actually what it looked like and how far they went down. I had to go in for two layers of stitches. That was a big surprise to me.

The surgery and stitching, if it’s a small area, might work for you. If it’s a sensitive area—in my case, near my eye—I would definitely go with a different procedure. It took a while for the wound to heal and I’m glad mine turned out okay. But I’ll be wearing sunscreen more often now.

– Woman who had many surgeries for skin cancer on her face

I’ve had Mohs done most of the time. After the first cut, a sample is taken just to check if it’s cancerous or not, or if they got it all. That takes a while. Usually, I gave myself an hour but they always went in for a second time, sometimes a third. It took a long time.

– Man who had Mohs surgery in many places

When I was first diagnosed with skin cancer, I had the traditional, old-fashioned surgery. It was kind of painful for probably a week or two and it left a pothole scar in my nose. I didn’t like going out too much because that scar was so bad. I had the tape on my nose and it felt a little uncomfortable going out for probably two or three weeks.

– Man who had surgery to treat skin cancer on his nose

My original skin cancer was on my right eyelid. I believed it was a wart. When it came back as cancer, quite frankly, I was surprised. I thought I was better than that. It was recommended that I go through a process called Mohs surgery because the spot had been there for several years and they didn’t know how much the cancer had grown. Mohs surgery takes out small tissue samples until the outside perimeter is cancer-free. My doctor told me that Mohs surgery was the best option.

– Man who had Mohs surgery to treat skin cancer on his eyelid

After having three surgeries for my skin cancer, I was very uncomfortable having it done again when I found out I had skin cancer again on my arm. The surgery wasn’t that painful, but what I was really worried about was them cutting me. They never knew how deep they will go. I didn’t want to lose my arm or the use of my arm.

– Man who had many surgeries for skin cancer on his arm

I had Mohs surgery at a hospital. It took a long time to heal from the surgery. I looked like a duck when I had all the bandages. I also couldn’t play tennis because I couldn’t see the ball. Everything else I was able to do. I do have some scarring, but actually over the years it has sort of disappeared. I am a red head and have lots of freckles, so all those scars kind of blend.

– Woman who had Mohs surgery for skin cancer on her face

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