Share Your Mohs Surgery Story or Photos

Each person with skin cancer has a different journey and a unique story to tell that can help others who have been diagnosed. Sharing your experience with Mohs surgery through words or pictures can help others know what to expect, talk with their doctor about treatment options, and make the choice that is right for them. It is also helpful to hear from people who have supported someone with skin cancer.

Your first name and your story or photos may be used on our website or promotional materials. Your name will only be used if you give permission. We respect your personal privacy and, if you choose to remain anonymous, we will make every attempt to protect your identity in the photo or story you share. For example, we can block unique features, such as your eyes or tattoos.

Please share your story or photo if you:

  • Have had Mohs surgery or are planning to have Mohs surgery
  • Can share pictures of the surgery site, specifically pictures right after surgery and a few weeks after healing has started
  • Are willing to sign an unconditional release that allows us to use your name, story, or pictures

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  • Listen to stories from people who have cured their skin cancer without surgery.