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Learning that you or someone you care about has skin cancer can be a confusing and overwhelming time. Finding information about skin cancer and its treatment should be a part of a process that helps you feel reassured and that gives you a voice in your care. For many, though, the search for that information is just as confusing and overwhelming as the time when first diagnosed.

The team who made and continues to improve Mohs Facts wants to change that. We are dedicated to making sure that people with skin cancer and their friends and family have access fair, balanced, and complete information, and feel empowered to take an active role in their care and work together with their treatment team to choose the best treatment.

We created this site for those who are looking for information about basal and squamous cell skin cancers and its treatment. The site was created according to the Health on the Net principles so that the information is easy to access and understand. We provide information and resources help explain what to expect before, during, and after Mohs surgery. We also explain the other treatment options for basal and squamous cell skin cancer and how to talk with your doctor about them. Having the total picture can help you work together with your care team to make the right choice for you.

People deserve the right to play an active role in their care, but to do so they need information that helps them to make better informed decisions. All too often, medical professionals only tell their patients what they want them to know, rather than what they need to know. As editor-in-chief of Mohs-Facts.org, it’s my job to make sure that visitors to the site have access to complete and balanced information about skin cancer and its treatment. If you or a loved one has a story to share, I hope you’ll go to our Contact Us Page and let me know that you’d like to tell your story.  – Desiree Charles, Editor-in-Chief

What we believe

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People deserve complete

and balanced information

about their cancer and its


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When it comes to

skin cancer treatment,

everyone deserves options.

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People deserve the right

to play an active role in

their care.

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